5th Grader Jaden Jones Has Ridiculous HANDLES & GAME For His Age!

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Julian Newman Drops 52 vs Kyree Walker! CRAZY Match-Up at MSHTV

Julian Newman exploded for 52 points this past weekend at the MSHTV camp in Westfield, Indiana. He played against the #1 player in 2020, Kyree Walker. Kyree scored 40 points (30 in the 1st half). Julian's squad was down by 21 pts at halftime. They came back and won 86-84. Kyree is the #1 ranked player in 2020. Julian is the #1 point guard in 2020. SPECIAL THANKS to Ty Kish - More videos from MSHTV camp coming soon!

Stars NBA dressed in the old People in the game + bonus (HD)

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Enzo Lee - 6 years old Phenom | Skills & Workout

Enzo Lee is a 6 years old basketball player from Florida. An NBA star in the making, Enzo Lee from Jacksonville, has shown off his incredible ball-handling skills on the court.

BRONNY James 1st In-Game DUNK!? Gets LeBron OUT OF HIS SEAT Going Wild!! Crowd GOES CRAZY!

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Jaden Jones of Dallas, Tx is possibly the most talented 5th Grader in the Country. He's plays for Pipeline & Team Texas and nearly averages a Triple-Double.

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