BUSH - "Glycerine"(solo) - Pabst Theatre (5/14/17)

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STEELHEART - "We All Die Young" - Surf Ballroom (6/2/17)

BUSH - Glycerine - guitar cover - Full HD

my band's facebook : http://www.facebook.com/nomaweb (like it ! ) full song played with a fender jazzmaster , boss ds2, mesa boogie roadking 2 more in my "bush paylist" in my profile .

Bush - Mouth - Live in San Francisco

Bush - Mouth - San Francisco, Live, 1-30-15, 1st row, The Masonic. Gavin Rossdale always enjoys interacting with the front row fans.. Other Tidbits: At ~3:25, I let a fellow fan squeeze in next to me to show Gavin a colored pencil sketch drawing she made of the entire Bush band. You can see the paper waving in the left corner. At 3:30, you also can see Gavin notice it and smile. After the end of the song, she throws it up on stage, and that is what Gavin is pointing to at ~5:30 for the roadie to pick up. Like I said, Gavin always enjoys interacting with the front row fans! Setlist: 1. The Sound of Winter 2. Bodies in Motion (Live premiere) 4. Everything Zen 5. The Chemicals Between Us 6. Greedy Fly 7. This House Is On Fire 8. Mouth (First time since 2001) 10. The Gift 11. Just Like My Other Sins 12. The Only Way Out 13. Swallowed 14. Surrender (Live premiere) 16. Letting the Cables Sleep 17. Insect Kin 18. Little Things Encore: 19. Machinehead 20. Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads cover) 21. Glycerine 22. Comedown Lineup: Bush Theory of a Deadman Stars in Stereo

BUSH - "The Chemicals Between Us" - Pabst Theatre (5/14/17)

STEELHEART - "I'll Never Let You Go" - Surf Ballroom (6/2/17)

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