Troll Police - Zareen Khan's worst adversary!

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Troll Police - Taapsee Pannu silences her troll!

Celebrities often fall victim to the hate that is spewed on them online. One such victim of the social media abuse is Bollywood diva Taapsee Pannu. Watch Taapsee teach her troll a lesson of his life in the season premiere of Troll Police.

Troll Police - Mandira unleashes her wrath

With social media teeming with vicious trolls, Mandira Bedi falls victim to one of them. The sexist and threatening tone of the troll's comments brings him under the radar of Troll Police. Watch as a furious Mandira joins Zareen Khan in reminding this troll his rightful place. Tune in to Voot now.

Troll Police - Trolls overwhelm Anusha-Karan

Celebrity couple Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar confess how trolling has affected their relationship as well as their personal lives. Now, when the couple comes face to face with their trolls, Anusha fails to contain her emotions. Watch how the situation unfolds, now on Voot!

Troll Police - Shibani threatens FIR against her troll

Shibani Dandekar's Instagram photos have attracted all kinds of attention. But one of her trolls crossed all lines by posting threateningly misogynistic comments. Now Shibani is ready to strike back at this troll and is even willing to file an FIR against him.

Troll Police - Prince challenges his troll

Prince Narula is infuriated after reading some of the derogatory comments made by his biggest troll. He decides to give him a taste his own medicine by challenging him to a task. Can the troll stand up to Prince's challenge and do the task? Watch now to find out.

Zareen Khan is emotionally and mentally disturbed due to internet trolling. She has been continuously harassed by a troll named Giriraj Kedia, her worst adversary. Troll police's social investigator tracks him down and confronts him! Watch to find out his reaction when he meets Zareen Khan in person.

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