Gregory Salcido - SUBSCRIBE :) -- council Meeting 27 Feb 2018 - Fool - Pico Rivera - councilman

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Liberal Councilman Who Called Vets ‘Dumb Sh*ts’ Finds Brutal Surprise Waiting At Work

Liberal Councilman Who Called Vets ‘Dumb Sh*ts’ Finds Brutal Surprise Waiting At Work After calling U.S. Military members a “bunch of dumb sh*ts” and the “lowest of our low,” Pico Rivera City Councilman and high school teacher Gregory Salcido arrived at his job to find a perfectly brut...

El Rancho Unified fires Gregory Salcido

Leave It at That: Gregory Salcido City Council Recall in Pico Rivera, California

Report by Felipe Cortes 03-01-18 To watch live add or follow: This report includes Gregory's Disrespectful response to Pico Rivera residents and veterans complaints. Also included is how and why teachers do not have free speech, how to recall a member of City Council and how to fire a California teacher. Salcido has smacked a child, promoted downloading child porn/kiddie porn and has insulted the military. Speech Restrictions for Teachers: How to Recall a California City Council Member: Robert’s Rules of Order: How to fire a California Teacher: Message me to donate. You can also contribute buy purchasing Pocket Jukebox 4 song "Bare and Beautiful" or 2 song "Pass Identifier" for $2 and Stalkers "Bored in the USA' Pink Vinyl 7 inch. You can also order your very own Brian Herrador's Sounds of Chaos Guitar. What do you want yours to look like?

Teacher Removed From City Council Committees After Anti-Military Rant

Randy Paige reports.

Gregory Salcido his response - SUBSCRIBE -- no apology - Veterans - fire him

Gregory Salcido -- Full Video -- rebuttal -- reply -- appears in public -- Veterans - council meeting He's so full of himself and trying to pass the blame on the people in the room. He's the one who made the anti-military comments, in his classroom. It's not the 1st time this guy has been investigated for "other than honorable" comments or things he's done in the classroom. It's all about mention of what he said in the recorded video/audio from his classroom. No rebuttal to it....he just tries to bullshit his way around it. If he did have family in the military (great uncles...whatever), then he wouldn't be bashing the military the way he did. Fire Gregory Salcido TURD

Gregory Salcido - council Meeting 27 Feb 2018 - Fool - Pico Rivera - councilman

Some clips of the city Council Meeting from 27 Feb 2018, Pico Rivera, California
Crazy comments by Salcido for sure. He's in denial and thinks he's a pacifist and a good American. He's a total douche nozzle in my opinion.

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