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Lone Star, TX City Council Meltdown On Video

Economic Development Chair yells at city council, resigns, then tries to fight member of audience for filming. Next meeting, council begs him to come back.

Guy Has Meltdown At City Council Meeting 2! Must See!

West Saint Paul, MN 3/12/2018 City Council Where there is government, there is corruption.

Most Outrageous Government Board Meeting EVER!!!

Village of Carpentersville President Bill Sarto demands that his chief political opponent, Paul Humpher, be removed from office for being convicted of beating his wife, and due for sentencing. When trustees Ed Ritter, Kay Teeter, Judy Sigwalt, and Keith Hinz refuse to allow a motion for discusssing the issue -- Bill Sarto loses all control. He screams at his fellow board members, calls one a "convict", says another trustee's son commits adultery, and ends his speech with what other board members take as a death threat. Recorded April 1, 2008, at the Village of Carpentesville Hall. (NOT an April Fool's Joke!)

Guy Has Meltdown At City Council Meeting! Must See!

West Saint Paul, MN 3/27/2017 City Council

City Manager Vs. Concert Promoter - Council Meeting Heated Exchange

Yesterday the Modesto City Council decided in a 3 to 4 vote to allow the permit for the 16th annual X Fest to be held in Downtown Modesto. The public comments and debate about the issue lasted several hours into the night with a vote being held after midnight. During the discussions a heated exchange took place between the Modesto City Manager Jim Holgersson and the promoter of and founder of X Fest, Chris Ricci. We were there to capture it on film. This video is a Blue Number Media Production. All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2016

Gregory Salcido - council Meeting 27 Feb 2018 - Fool - Pico Rivera - councilman

Some clips of the city Council Meeting from 27 Feb 2018, Pico Rivera, California
Crazy comments by Salcido for sure. He's in denial and thinks he's a pacifist and a good American. He's a total douche nozzle in my opinion.

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