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Babolat Top Stringer - Natural Gut VS Tennis Strings There is a real yet frequently overlooked component that helps a budding or established tennis player to win any tennis competition besides your hard work and dedication. It is the tennis string that must occupy its rightful position in your tennis racquet soon! Tennis strings must not be taken lightly as each type possesses specific properties that can prove a lot helpful during practice or match. Some of them include- elasticity, friction, surface tension, efficiency related to rebound and so on. To help you out, we bring to you Babolat Top Stringer to tell you about Natural Gut VS Tennis Strings. These come along with a punch of PCD- power, comfort and durability beyond expectation! The trust worthy name of Babolat itself brings much confidence. Babolat Top Stringer utilizes the lord of all tennis strings, Natural Gut. The unique molecular structure of natural gut comes as a blessing to all tennis players with or without shoulder pain problems, especially for those with tennis elbow. The natural gut shares a good tennis ball-string interaction making it a complete all rounder. It is the helical collagen within natural gut that has the exceptional ability to offer elasticity, superior power and a cushioning effect for the player. Natural Gut VS Tennis Strings is a wise investment in terms of time and money too.

Tennis stringing myths busted!

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Hybrid Tennis Strings Explained - VLOG #491

Chris from Tennis Warehouse explains the benefits of a hybrid string setup in your tennis racquet. Why you may want to try it, what strings to choose, how to orient them and more!

Loose Strings -- Very Loose Strings

The game has changed from the old wooden racquet era. Next was graphite composite racquets. Then stronger and stronger players. Followed by more and more topspin (unfortunately from further and further behind the baseline). The next era in our game's development occurs from the new "copoly" strings - essentially a polymer material, but somehow little or no friction between the strings. You will note, no longer do the players walk around between points straightening their strings. That is because those strings move back and forth when meeting the ball - imparting much much more spin. If you want to magnify this effect, try stringing a racquet at 40lbs or even lower. Really! There is a saying, “You are only as good as your second serve.” Learn how to master the kick serve: Discover the secret to playing better tennis - it starts with a flowing and balanced serve: Subscribe for new videos ▶ Let's connect: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

How to Hit Cross Court and Down the Line in Tennis Every tennis player can hit the ball cross court and down the line but not many are accurate and consistent doing it. Players usually use their wrist to change the racquet's angle in order to change the direction of the ball which leads to very inconsistent shots. Much better solution is to use your body to align behind the ball and to adjust your contact point and swing naturally without any need to change the wrist position. You can also disguise your intentions by pulling yourself at the last moment behind the ball and then using recovery steps to stay balanced.
Knowing how to use two tennis strings with different properties to maximize your advantage and tennis skills during the game is the key to long lasting success. By using the main string and cross string together in the form of 'hybrid' what you get is the strengths of both. Babolat Top Stringer, Lucien Nogues, offers two quick thoughts that will rattle your mind whenever the term 'Hybrid' pops up.
As you all know stringing, if paid attention to can strengthen your position as a player. Your query "How Tennis String Works" can be put to rest. The main string offers top spin and forever lasting durability. When combined with cross string, control, comfort and tension maintenance can be easily achieved. So, the next step is to select the correct combination of tennis strings. There are various string materials to choose from- Aramid fiber also known as Kevlar, polyester, monofilament nylon strings, natural gut and more.
The new option of using two tennis strings has opened up a world of infinite possibilities for tennis players of all levels- the beginners as well as the pros at the game. To know more regarding How Hybrid Tennis String Works, visit and explore the endless options.

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