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Reflex Bag Review and Demonstration

Ray White's Midwest Martial Arts Muay Thai, Kali and Mixed Martial Arts and MaxxMMA asked us to preview some of their new offerings. I was a pleasantly surprised at how much fun this piece of equipment was to train on. Great for beginning students and still a fair workout for more experienced athletes. Definitely a good starting point if you find a double end ball too fast or too hard to control. Please subscribe to our channel if you would like to see more of our curriculum and training ideas. Ray White has been training, competing and teaching Kali, Muay Thai, BJJ, JKD and MMA since 1998. Now located in Midwest Michigan he teaches, trains and coaches students, athletes and fighters from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Ray's gym is located at Other great sources of information on Muay Thai and MMA include the Minnesota Kali Group at; The Thai Boxing Association of the USA at; and The Academy at More videos to come, so please Subscribe to see more! Get your MaxxMMA Reflex Bag at and start working out today!

What are the Best Boxing Gloves for You?

The Ultimate Boxing Experience: Boxing Training Apps: The best boxing gloves for you depends on your needs and experience in the sport. I cover 6 of the major brands that you can buy right off the shelf. Ringside: great value for beginners but a bit top heavy Title Boxing: Great hand protection for the heavy hitter, a bit more expensive Rival Boxing: nice design, good hand protection and wrist support, a bit more expensive Reyes Gloves: Very durable, nice comfort and fit, but not ideal for the beginner boxer Hayabusa: Compact and sleek fit, great for the experienced fighter, dense foam protection. Not ideal for the beginner Winning Boxing: Super comfortable and durable, excellent hand protection. More suited to experienced boxers who train many rounds per week. Heavy Hitter Bag Gloves (Precision Striking): PLAYLISTS Boxing Tactics: Boxing Sparring: Punching Power: Heavy Bag Workouts: Boxing Footwork: Boxing Defense: Fight Preparation: Strength and Conditioning: Shadow Boxing: Home Workouts: Counter Punching: Southpaw Tactics: Boxing Training: Virtual Padwork: Slipping Punches: #hookpunch #righthook #leadhook #overhandright #boxinggloves #feintsinboxing

10 Best Boxing Gloves of 2015

Top 10 the best boxing gloves of 2015 as voted by our boxing gloves reviews community. Top 10 boxing gloves list in descending order: 10. TOP Kings Superstar Air gloves - 9. Rival RS2V High Performance gloves - 8. Fairtex BVG1 Thai style gloves - 7. Ringside IMF Tech boxing gloves - 6. Boon boxing gloves - 5. Ring to Cage C-17 boxing gloves - 4. Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves - 3. Twins BGVL-3 Thai gloves - 2. Cleto Reyes training gloves - 1. Winning boxing gloves - Full article and results: Full video transcript: Ranked at its 10th are TOP Kings Superstar Air gloves Top King’s “AIR” gloves are a true workhorse made for punishing the heavy bag, focus mitts, or heavy sparring while giving you the peace of mind that your hands and sparring partners are nice and protected. Due to the padding, these would be great for those practicing Muay Thai or Western boxing alike. At number 9 we have the Rival RS2V High Performance sparring gloves. If you're willing to spend a little more than you would on the average pair of sparring gloves, you'll be more than glad that you did. Rival RS2Vs trusty pair of gloves is bound to be your most reliable pair and will stick with you through the years without breaking down or falling to pieces. At number 8 are the Fairtex BVG1 boxing gloves. The quality and the vibrancy of the leather is outstanding, it can easily rival the top brands. As a Thai glove these are great especially for the cheap price point. At number 7 are the Ringside IMF Tech boxing gloves. If you prefer softer, broken in gloves, it would be best to skip these. They have great performance, quality, and a very good price point. And you really won't be disappointed if you try them out. At number 6 are the Boon boxing gloves. Boons work well as either a bag glove, for pad work, or for sparring with enough padding and wrist support to keep you hitting for extended periods. We’ve received many positive comments about others who have tried we assure you will too if you give them a try. At number 5 we have the Ring to Cage C-17s. Ring to Cage was very successful in making a more affordable Winning alternative. The overall performance and design truly do match the Winning and it’s great for someone on a budget. At number 4 are the Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves. These gloves have incredible performance but a high price tag. Some areas of the glove feel as though they have low quality materials, such as the thumb, mesh and logo. And the 3rd place are the Twins BGVL-3 gloves. They have outstanding padding but maybe at the point being too bulky for some people. They take time to brake in, and they are perfect for the heavy bag, pad work and the practice drills with partner. In 2nd place are the Cleto Reyes training gloves. The hand-made leather designs rival some of the best brand-names that you can buy on the market. They have minimum front padding, but are some of the best training gloves that you can buy. Claiming the number 1 spot are the Winning boxing gloves. These gloves knock the others out of the ring. They have perfect design and performance. And no other glove can rival its protection its comfort. For more reviews like this visit Thank you for watching: 10 Best Boxing Gloves of 2015 Follow us: Twitter: Facebook: G+: #boxingglovesreviews #boxinggloves #bestboxinggloves #top10

The Difference Between Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves

I love boxing. I love kickboxing. Here is a quick lesson in the gloves you will need to buy if you choose to do either. Here is where you can purchase the items or ingredients in this video while supporting this channel at the same time :-)(amazon affiliate link) Boxing Gloves Kickboxing Gloves THE TOOLS I USE MOST All Clad Fry Pans: - Schmidt Brothers Knives: - Wood Cutting Board: - Utility Tong: - Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer: - MY CAMERA EQUIPMENT Nikon D5500: - Samsung WB250F: - Lighting Kit: - Tripod: -

Taekwondo Kickboxing Techniques Sampler on the BOB XL

Me doing some Taekwondo Kickboxing techniques on a B.O.B (270lbs Dummy). This is more of my Kickboxing techniques but i have put a bit of flash techniques in there (540s, etc). I wouldn't actually try them kicks in full contact and they are in there for fun and to test my ability. I hope you like it :) Please Like, Comment and Subscribe! Facebook Page- Twitter- Instagram- FOR BOOKINGS EMAIL- For my Kicking Tutorials, Click Below - For my Stretching Videos, Click Below - I also have flip tutorials and more will be posted up soon. Please click the link below FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How long have i been training? I have been training nearly 8 years but i broke my ankle playing football 3 years in so had some time off. My kicks were at their best about 2 and a half years ago because i have been distracted by tricking (started April 09) and other martial arts. But now i'm getting back into it. Hope that helped :) What is the song? Elijah Vance - The Hulk By Mulabeatz This song is Royalty Free and can be found at:

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