Sam Adams Fresh as Helles Lager - Beer Review - Grass Volleyball - Las Vegas - Bloopers

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Beer Review: Mountain Goat Lime Crisis IIPA

There seems to a bit of buzz about this beer around at the moment, so I thought I should do a beer review on it! This is the Mountain Goat Beer Lime Crisis 8.2% IIPA Have you tried it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it...leave me a comment!

Gregory Salcido full public response - No real apology -- 13 Feb 2018 - from council Meeting

Gregory Salcido -- Full Video -- rebuttal -- reply -- appears in public -- Veterans - council meeting He's so full of himself and trying to pass the blame on the people in the room. He's the one who made the anti-military comments, in his classroom. It's not the 1st time this guy has been investigated for "other than honorable" comments or things he's done in the classroom. It's all about mention of what he said in the recorded video/audio from his classroom. No rebuttal to it....he just tries to bullshit his way around it. If he did have family in the military (great uncles...whatever), then he wouldn't be bashing the military the way he did. Fire Gregory Salcido TURD

Gregory Salcido - Geraldine Lovely - Response Rant - Veteran - USA - not a Beer Review

My responses to the Gregory Salcido, teacher who hates the Military, and Geraldine Lovely, who wants attention CNN story about Salcido: Geraldine Lovely -- On a positive note -- Mother Rucker USA -- Watches and Flannels now available Rockwell time -- My Facebook: My Instagram: My Twitter:

Stone Cold Gives The Corporation A Beer Bath

RAW March 22, 1999

Escaping From Cops Using Magic - How To Drink In Public

Pranking the police using magic and escaping arrest! SUBSCRIBE to my channel for WEEKLY magic pranks! Also, hit that THUMBS UP to see more pranks on cops! For all business inquires: Find me on facebook: After being confronted by an officer for drinking in public, I use a little bit of magic to make the champagne bottle disappear and save me from being arrested!

Sam Adams Fresh as Helles Lager - Beer Review - Grass Volleyball - Las Vegas - Bloopers

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