Michael Venom Page on Caveman Rickels, Semtex Daley, Boxing & More

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UCMMA: Ultimate Challenge - Michael page vs Jefferson George - UCMMA29

In an athetic fury of dodges, weaves and kicks, these two fighters had the Troxy audience on the edge of their seats. UCMMA29 presents, Michael page vs Jefferson George as seen on sky sports.

MMA in India: Super Fight League 15 - Michael Page Vs Ramdan Mohamed

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Michael Page Pro Boxing Debut - Pretends To Be Drunk!!!

Full video from Michael Venom Page boxing debut.

Michael Page o Venom! Ele destrói seus adversários fazendo firulas

Michael Page o Venom! Ele destrói seus adversários fazendo firulas - o novo Anderson Silva Mais vídeos tops clicando aqui - https://www.youtube.com/c/EletroEsportei10?sub_confirmation=1 O melhor do esporte é aqui! Inscreva-se e faça parte da família Eletro Esporte!

Unusual submissions in MMA

Here is a list of Unusual or Rarest submissions in MMA. Some of them happen only once in MMA history! Some of them are banned today and we never see it again! Rarest submissions in MMA list include: Guillotine Suplex, Imanari choke from the Omoplata position, Leg Scissor Choke, Gogoplata, Chin to the Eye, Body Crunch, Scarf Hold Armlock, Banana split, Flying Armbar, Reverse Triangle Choke, Double Armbar, Ninja Choke, Bicep Cutter, Reverse Boston Crab, giant swing & Achilles Lock --------------------------------------- Best Sports Highlights www.facebook.com/BestSportsHighlights #submissions

Michael "Venom" Page has a tough test ahead against "Caveman" David Rickels at Bellator 200 in London on May 25th. http://MMAMania.com/ writer Steve Juon talks to Page before that important bout about Rickels' style, Paul Daley blowing a chance to fight MVP, what Page's world title aspirations are, and his plans to do a little more boxing! Subscribe to angrymarksdotcom for more fighter interviews, visit MMA Mania for full Bellator 200 coverage, and follow everyone via the social media links below.

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