Zenit Kazan v Lube Civitanova | Volleyball Highlights | Final 2017 Club World Championship

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Final CEV Champions League 2018 | Zenit Kazan vs Lube Cucine Civitanova

Матч ТВ - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtetJiD_llxdGL4Uh5-Oe2w/featured Kazan, Russia, May 14, 2018. Kazan was the fourth Russian city to host the final stage of the CEV Volleyball Champions League – Men and the capital of Tatarstan lived up to its reputation as Russia’s sports capital by hosting a truly majestic event. The home heroes of Zenit KAZAN added another chapter to their unprecedented success story at the end of a truly exciting weekend, with thousands of fans in attendance to crown the best men’s club team in Europe. As many as 22,500 spectators followed the matches at the iconic Basket-Hall where they could enjoy a real Volleyball party on and off the court. • Kazan followed in the footsteps of three other Russian cities – Belgorod, Moscow and Omsk – that had previously hosted the Final Four in 2004, 2007 and 2013. • In three of such occasions (2004, 2013 and 2018), the hosts have used the home-court advantage to the fullest to claim Europe’s most coveted crown. • After their dramatic 3-2 victory in the final match with Italy’s Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA, Zenit KAZAN improved their all-time record to six Champions League titles – and became the first side in history to sweep the top honours for four years in a row. They previously shared the record of three straight titles with Italy’s TRENTINO Volley. • Their middle blocker Alexander Gutsalyuk, who took to the court in the matchup with Lube, is the only player to date to have six CL titles to his name – five with Zenit KAZAN (2012, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) and one with Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK (2013). • Russian teams have swept the title for seven years in a row now – starting with Zenit KAZAN’s victory in 2012, followed by Lokomotiv and Belogorie BELGOROD in 2013 and 2014 respectively, before the team from Tatarstan went on to win the title for four straight years. • The ten-time Russian national champions completed a clean sweep of all competitions they contested this season – a record including their first-ever gold medal from the FIVB Men’s Club World Championship. • Zenit KAZAN did not lose a single match in the 2018 edition of the CEV Volleyball Champions League, seizing the crown by dropping only five sets along the way. • The ‘grand finale’ with Cucine Lube was the last match contested by Wilfredo Leon Venero with the shirt of Zenit KAZAN. After playing 199 games with the Russian ‘armada’, Leon is set to move to Italy and spend at least two seasons with this year’s CL bronze medal winners Sir Colussi Sicoma PERUGIA. • The organisers and fans deserved a touching tribute to Leon at the end of the medal ceremony, playing a video reviewing his four years with Zenit KAZAN and the many successes he achieved with the team. Leon stayed at the Basket-Hall until late at night to bid farewell to friends and supporters. • The losers of the gold medal match, Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA, secured their best result in the CEV Champions League since they won the title in 2002 – under their previous denomination of Lube Banca Marche MACERATA. Their record in the competition includes bronze medals from 2016 and 2017 as well as fourth-place finishes in 2007 and 2009. • Italy’s Sir Colussi Sicoma PERUGIA claimed their second straight medal in the CEV Volleyball Champions League. This time they finished third after winning silver when they hosted last year’s Finals in Rome. Follow me on: ➤ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/epicvolley/ ➤ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/epic.volley/ ➤ Twitter - https://twitter.com/epic_volley


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Cucine LUBE Civitanova - Zenit KAZAN - FINAL hightlights

Cucine LUBE Civitanova - Zenit KAZAN - FINAL hightlights

Krakow, Poland, December 17, 2017 - The Zenit Kazan players were ecstatic after their win over Cucine Lube Civitanova in straight sets in the final of the 2017 FIVB Men's Club World Championship, as they filed through the Mixed Zone following the awards ceremony with the gold medals around their necks.

Wilfredo Leon, Zenit Kazan outside hitter: "The emotions tonight are really high. I never play for being the MVP, so I want to congratulate Osmany Juantorena. I'm always playing for the team, like all of my teammates. I played for the gold medal and I did my job. It's our first gold medal in this competition, so we are very happy with what we've done here."

Alexey Verbov, Zenit Kazan libero: "I have two silvers and the gold now. I don't remember the last period of my life when I was so happy like I am now. The Champions League title was great, everybody was happy, but today for us the victory was the main goal. We have won already all tournaments. This one was something out of space for us. It was always hard to play against the Brazilian champions, but yesterday we defeated them finally. For last five years the Club World Championship title was our goal, now everybody is happy and we can only think about this moment."

Giampaolo Medei, Cucine Lube Civitanova Coach: "For sure we are not happy today about the result, because I think we played at the same level as our opponents. But tonight we lost 3-0. We had some chances, especially during the first set and we didn't use them. My team wanted to play for the first place here, but I think when we sum up the whole tournament we did an amazing job in the Club World Championship. Tonight we played good volleyball against probably the best team in the world, so I am confident about the future."

Osmany Juantorena, Cucine Lube Civitanova, MVP of the tournament: "It's a pity, because I think we could have won, especially if in the first set some things would have gone differently. We missed to many chances, but Zenit played very well. I'm really happy with the MVP award, but honestly I would have prefered to be the winner tonight."

Jenia Grebennikov, Cucine Lube Civitanova libero: "I am really sad about the first set, because we truly fought with Kazan. If we would use any of the set balls we could change the flow of the game. Our game was good, but not enough to beat Russians. They are too strong and they made less mistakes. Of course it would be better to win the tournament, but in general I am satisfied of the whole week in Poland, because we played well. I hope we will play in other competitions as good as here."

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