NHL has to explain after controversial no-goal call in Colorado

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NHL Bad Calls

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No goal, Oilers fans pissed.

Pissed off fans.

Surfaces - The Return of Paul Kariya (TSN Original)

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Blues goal, no wait, no goal lulz in 1st. Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues Mar 14 2015 NHL

Blues goal, no wait, no goal lulz in 1st. Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues Mar 14 2015 NHL PBP John Kelly, color Darren Pang, FSMW feed. https://www.facebook.com/HDHockeyVideos

NHL Meltdowns

Just NHLers loosing there cool. Hope you enjoy! Shoutout to MrPsychic8472 for the idea!

HC at Noon in depth explanation on why the NHL made a major mistake that ended up costing the Avalanche a goal and eventually the game against the St. Louis Blues.

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