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Mom's First VR Experience w/ Oculus Rift (Scary Games, Roller Coasters, & Robo Recall)

My Mom's first VR experience will be live streamed today! She came to visit on short notice but I still have to make videos and stream, sooooooo I decided to just include her in the process. Today I'm probably going to start her out with the Oculus Dreamscape experience, then do Roller Coasters, then play Face Your Fears or Abe VR, then finally we will try to play Robo Recall. Should be a fun mix of VR and I hope she doesn't get too worked up over it. Old people do silly things in VR. Second Channel: Twitter: I only use ASTRO Headsets. This link gives you 5% off in checkout: Drift0r Scuf Controller: Use coupon code "DRFT" for 5% off! Drift0r Hoodies & Shirts: My gaming Router is the Netduma R1: Use code "DRFT" for $10 off! All console gameplay captured with Elgato HD60 Pro:

What Movies Really Look Like

In this video we will be taking a look at some of our favorite videos from all across the Internet! Sources Piano tiles Rolls royce Car on ice Cutting objects Transportation Ball of matches Mirror Juggling crystal ball Moving house Black panther movie Burger commercial Painting road Go subscribe to this guy: Music provided by Rujay. Instrumental: Sippin by Ihaksi.

I Expect You To Die - Mission 3 - STUCK IN A SUBMARINE (Playstation VR Gameplay)

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Extreme Great White Shark Cage Attack | World's Scariest Animal Attacks

A shark fanatic photographer goes to fulfil his dream of a shark diving trip off the coast of Mexico. However, after getting into the shark cage, a great white shark breaks into the observation cage of two photographers. For more World's Scariest Animal Attacks, visit Subscribe to Animal Planet!:

Baby monkey morning time | Max’s morning Routine

This is Max’s morning and it’s very basic to changing his diaper and feeding him to play time For business email: Instagram: HangingwithMax_1

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● Chels' last attempt at virtual reality:

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