How To Select The Right Gloves

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Boxing Glove Weights - Expained

Martial artists who are starting out and want to train in boxing should be educated on the right size and weight of glove for them. The size and weight of both boxing gloves is very important. Getting a glove that fits your hand correctly will keep you comfortable and safe. When shopping for the perfect pair of boxing gloves, you will oftentimes see weights instead of sizes. These weights refer to the actual weight of the glove. For example, 16 oz boxing gloves weigh 16 ounces. 12 oz boxing gloves weigh 12 ounces. In most cases weight also corresponds with size: The larger the glove weight, the larger the glove. This isn’t always true, but almost always. Gloves with more weight typically have more padding in them. 16 oz boxing gloves are usually preferred for sparring because they have more protection for both the striker and the opponent. Those are the basics. But watch the video to hear Revgear President and CEO Paul Reavlin to go a lot more in-depth on this topic. He explains the benefits of training with lighter gloves, the importance of know where a glove is weighted at, and the options for kids boxing gloves. All that and more is explained in this simple How-To video. Some background on us: Revgear is the original California fight sports brand and is a leading innovator and supplier of quality martial arts equipment. Since 1996, Revgear has been empowering athletes at every level by providing high quality fight sport equipment that actually gets results. Revgear’s products are trusted by top athletes and coaches for durability and safety. Subscribe to the channel: For more helpful tips, check out our How To Video playlist: Martial arts equipment seen in this video- Revgear boxing gloves: Stay connected with Revgear- Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for watching, remember to subscribe!

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How to select the right gloves for your sport. Buy them from an expert coach. Get advice from someone that has done the sport and knows what they are talking about and what is suitable for the type of training you will be doing. Different size gloves have a different purpose so learn what size is right for what you need. Learn what type and what fit will fit you best. Gloves can look the same and have fancy colours but every pair is different. When you buy shoes you try them on and buy them for a purpose, gloves are for a purpose and you need to be fitted correctly and advised correctly. Your coach and club has the gear you need. Loyalty is important as well. Why train there if you don’t support the club and trust the advice of your coaches.
This video will show you what to look for and what gloves are good to choose.

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