LAKE ONTARIO SEARCH: Cops, boaters looking for missing DJ Brownsoul

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Extreme Crazy Boaters - Lost and Found

Drunk, dull and foolish. Subtitles/CC adding allowed - do not hesitate, please.


Did you know they make boats this small? Here is our list of 15 cool mini boats and tiny watercraft. Check out our playlists! ⭐ Connect with us! 😀 Subscribe! 🔔 Check out our videos! 👈 Featured Mini Boats and Tini Watercraft ⭐ #15 CraigCat E2 Elite Small Power Boats #14 The Hison Mini Speedboat credit #13 Sparky, a DIY Electric Mini Boat #12 The Lil' Wake Addictor 333 Mini Watercraft credit credit #11 The Jim Boats 6.5 Mini Watercraft credit #10 The Inverness Mini Boat #9 The Tosher 10 Mini Watercrat #8 Mini Tugboats by Berkeley Engineering credit #7 Jet Capsule Mini Yacht #6 Exhilarator Mini Power Boat credit #5 The JETSTREAM Mini Jet Boat #4 Pond King Rebel Mini Pontoon #3 Cocktail Class Skua Mini Racing Power Boat #2 Tiny Titan Sea/flea Hydroplane Mini Watercraft credit #1 FunJet Mini Jet Boat Funjet Boats Inc credit credit Music 🎧 Stairway To The Stars by Rex Banner Millennial Uplifting Bangers Broken Radios by Binary Love 15 MINI BOATS AND MINI WATERCRAFT | TINY VEHICLES #mindseyevideo

Spring Lake Ontario kings on the new boat

Camera gear: Main rig: Lens: Microphone: Little Camera: Drone: The other feeds: Instagram: @flyinspired 5 months in the making and i couldn't be more excited to share this! Being able to capture the process of importing a boat from down south and prepping it for great lakes fishing was quite the experience. Seeing that motor come out and being their for the first fresh water run is something pretty special. although its not my boat, I definitely share the same excitement with Nick and Keelan around seeing it all come together. This is officially the new addition to the Moby Nick fishing fleet. for more info on how you can get out and fish on this sweet rig: From Boston off shore Tuna rig, to Lake Ontario fishing machine. Thanks for watching, Dan

ZR 48 Corvette Boat

: The boat's sales listing states that the hull is actually made of carbon fiber. Ironically, one of the most popular articles on our site in 2011 was about a boat rather than a car or an engine. That article focused on the now famous MTI built ZR1 Corvette themed speedboat, dubbed the "ZR48", which was believed at the time to be powered by multiple supercharged LS9 engines. But we recently received a tip that the famous MTI ZR48 ZR1 Corvette Boat is now up for sale on, with a ton of specific details about the boat. From the listing, we learned that the boat is constructed of mostly carbon fiber, but isn't actually powered by LS9's. Instead it's powered by dual Mercury Racing twin-turbo marine engines that make a combined 2,700(!) horsepower. And interestingly, what appears to be the top of an LS9 peaking thorough the very accurate-looking clear power blister on the top deck is actually an elaborate speaker pod that lifts up from the deck. It's just one part of a massive 8,000 watt stereo system, which seriously ups the maximum off-shore partying capabilities. And that's just the beginning of the ZR48's features. It also has an ice cold 24,000 BTU air conditioning system to keep passengers cool on hot summer days, an Apple TV, and even has its own Wi-Fi network. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, awesomeness doesn't come cheap: the ZR48 is listed for $1,700,000. But, at least it includes the trailer for that price. Check out the ZR48′s sales listing on for even more details on this righteous boat.

Super Fast Drill Powered Boat Motor

First of all: thank you Ballistol for supporting my work! Visit them at The products are great and I am happy to have them as a sponsor! The drill i used is from Hitachi / Hikoki you can find it here: This project was sooo much fun! I think i will come back to this concept and rebuild it with a couple changes. it is actually a bit too fast, i´d like to change that and also i would love to build a version in stainless steel so i don`t have to worry about rust. so stay tuned for the update :) If you like what i do you can support me at: For more Infos visit Music by Epidemic Sound (

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