Alkali RPD Recon Skate Review

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How to Select a Roller Hockey Skate

Each manufacturer is different, so make sure you know the difference when selecting the right skate for you.

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Hey guys it'sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today I'm presenting you an exercice I created to make you improve FAST in no time! I would like to thank Jeremy Boitière for giving me a hand to make this video, and Jon Larrucea for accepting to try this exercice! Don't forget to subscribe, and please help me making Inline Skating more popular, by sharing this video to your friends; YOU can change EVERYTHING, think about it! ;) See you in the next episode!

IW Hockey reviews the Alkali RPD Recon Roller Hockey Skates.
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The Alkali RPD Recon Skates are a great choice for the casual or new-to-hockey player who wants a good performing, long-lasting skate. The Pro Nylon boot can be heat molded for a custom fit while the high-wear areas are well reinforced with anti-abrasion pads. The one-piece Alkali Movement chassis is a high-end feature not typically found on the price, providing better longevity and overall performance than two-piece counterparts.

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