Alkali RPD Recon Skate Review

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2018 Alkali RPD Visium 2 Skate Line On-Tile Insight

Chase from IW Hockey chats with Alkali's Joe Cook, about the 2018 Alkali RPD Visium 2 Skate Line. Check out all of the skates here -

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Alkali RPD Roller Hockey Skate Insight

Chase from IW discusses the new Alkali RPD Roller Hockey Skate Line with Alkali's Vice President of Marketing, Justin Hoffman. LINK: Click here for more information:

IW Hockey reviews the Alkali RPD Recon Roller Hockey Skates.
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The Alkali RPD Recon Skates are a great choice for the casual or new-to-hockey player who wants a good performing, long-lasting skate. The Pro Nylon boot can be heat molded for a custom fit while the high-wear areas are well reinforced with anti-abrasion pads. The one-piece Alkali Movement chassis is a high-end feature not typically found on the price, providing better longevity and overall performance than two-piece counterparts.

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