All UFC Knockouts 2018

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Best Underdog Wins In MMA

This is a list of fights where a fighter wasn't given much of a chance to win, and ended up shocking the world. What's that? You want to be notified whenever a new video is released? Well, you're in luck! Just hit the subscribe button and you will be conveniently notified whenever a new video is uploaded to this channel. Voiced by Mike DelGaudio More TheMontageKing videos at

All UFC Submissions 2018

All UFC Submissions for this year so far. For the video i included any submission setups that i found interesting. However, I excluded a few of the less interesting, slower setups. Please enjoy this video. .......................... All footage and rights belong to Zuffa LLC , UFC & WME-IMG ( I am not connected to them ) .......................... I'm a huge MMA/UFC Fan, and i plan to make more videos in my spare time.

TOP 10 Most Brutal KICK OF DEATH KO's Ever-MMA

Part 2 10 most brutal kicks of death knockouts in Mixed-martial Arts in my opinion. Watch the longer video of top 1 video here

INSTANT KARMA IN MMA (Cocky Fighters Getting Knocked Out)

A compilation of cocky fighters who receive some instant karma. Leave a like if you enjoyed! Click here to subscribe for more UFC & MMA funny moments, news and updates: ------------------------ This video includes: Instant Karma in MMA Instant Karma INSTANT KARMA IN MMA (Cocky Fighters Getting Knocked Out) UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship MMA Knockouts Best Knockouts Cocky Fighters Who Got Knocked Out People Are Awesome

Smart animals refuse to be an easy meal for lions, hyenas, crocodile, wild dogs

My first video ever on youtube and i'm learning how to make it. Thanks for SUBSCRIBING and LIKE.
This video contains All KO\TKO in 2018 from January 20 to April 21

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