Alkali RPD Quantum Skate Review

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How To Hockey Stop On Inline, Roller Hockey Skates

How to hockey stop on inline, roller hockey skates. This video will help any new players beginning inline hockey or currently ice players interested in converting to inline, roller hockey. Full article Facebook Instagram Twitter

How to Rocker Your Hockey Skates

The most common approaches to rockering your inline hockey skates and the reasoning.

How to Select a Roller Hockey Skate

Each manufacturer is different, so make sure you know the difference when selecting the right skate for you.

How To Clean Your Skate Bearings Cheaply.

Chris explains the way he cleans his skate bearings cheaply and easily. No more expensive bearing cleaners or taking apart bearings. This method is safe for all skate bearings, you do not have to get 80% alcohol or citrus cleaner or gasoline (seriously someone said thats how they clean them). This is the fastest and cheapest way to clean and maintain your standard bearings. IF YOU HAVE REMOVABLE RACES AND WISH TO CLEAN THE INSIDES, YOU SHOULD USE LINT FREE TOWELS OR COFFEE FILTERS AFTER YOU FLUSH WITH A.T.F. If you need a video on how to clean pro bearings Swiss Bones, ILQ9, leave me a comment.


If you recently purchased your ALKALI HOCKEY SKATES, here's a brief tutorial that will show you how to properly heat fit your skates. Visit your local pro shop if you're looking for the proper oven to perform this process. For all your other needs visit

IW Hockey reviews the Alkali RPD Quantum Roller Hockey Skates.
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The Alkali RPD Quantum Skates provide more value and performance than most at this price. High-end features can be found throughout, including the Labeda Union Wheels, the Abec 9 bearings, the pro-level felt tongue and the ActivWick Anti-Slip Liner.

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