Tonya Harding (USA) - 1994 Lillehammer, Figure Skating, Ladies' Free Skate, 1st Attempt

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Tonya Harding Is Glad She Isn't Competing Against Current Olympians

Two-time Olympian Tonya Harding admitted to Ellen she's glad she's not competing against the current group of figure skaters. Plus, the former athlete revealed what "I, Tonya" got right about her life.

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Gymnastics Tragedy - The Story Of Elena Mukhina

This is probably the LONGEST video I will ever make. I know many won't watch it mainly due to the length of it, but I HAD to just explain basically everything because the point of this video, for me at least, is that maybe a coach will see it and the tragey won't repeat, normal people will see it and remember her name. In general it's just historical video of one of the greatest gymnasts to ever be born. It is such a sad story so not recommended for the weak of hearts. Gymnastics is a cruel sport at times albeit a gorgeous one that your whole heart will love. I will start off by saying that I didn't even know which song to use because there are hardly ANY that honor her. I didn't want to use a stupid song in the background, it HAD to be meaningful. In the end, after a long search, I returned to my initial options and narrowed the choices down to "¢ση¢яєтє αηgєℓ, мα∂ ωσяℓ∂ ωιтн му нєαят ωιℓℓ gσ ση & ℓιѕтєη тσ уσυя нєαят" being the two being the main songs I'd choose from while the other two due to soothing melody in the cover versions of other languages. ιмρσѕѕιвℓє was also an option at one point, but I finally decided on the song you hear in the video, мα∂ ωσяℓ∂ and I'd say the lyrics and tune do the justice. Sorry for rambling, next video should be happier!! :D ..Probably... Cover done by Robbie: Credit: The information was taken from Wiki, multiple interviews/documentaries and a few sites. ~~~FINALLY, AS USUAL ~~~ I do not own any of the audio or video nor do I claim to own it. If there're ANY problems whichever content make sure to message me and I'll be sure to check it out and take it down if that is what the owner desires. This channel does not nor ever will make money off of any content.

[HD] Tonya Harding - 1994 Lillehammer Olympic - Free Skating

Tonya Harding / Тоня Хардинг / トーニャ・ハーディング This video suffered 1 minutes truncation during 2nd Free Skating. Full version video from analog HDTV broadcast is also available at [HD] 1994 Lillehammer Olympics - Playlists Ladies Technical Program: Ladies Free Skating: Pair Free Skating: Ice Dance: Men Free Skating: Exhibition: Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games Ladies' singles figure skating Free Skating зимние Олимпийские игры в Лиллехаммере. Женское одиночное фигурное катание. Произвольная программа. リレハンメル オリンピック フィギュアスケート 女子 フリースケーティング Twitter: この動画をニコニコ動画などへ転載しないでください。「ひろいもの」といった言葉を添えて転載することは、極めて効果的に私のやる気を削ぎます。私のやる気がなくなると、動画の新規アップロードがストップします。しばらくして仮にやる気が復活したとしても、転載を防止するための警告文字などが動画上に増えて鬱陶しい事態になります。 ブログやTwitter, facebookなどでこの動画を紹介していただくことは歓迎します。断りなく自由にどうぞ。

The Black Swan's Feet

I've combined her first attempt free skate and her re-skate into one video clip:

Hamar, NORWAY - 1994 Lillehammer, Figure Skating, Ladies' Free Skate - Tonya Harding of the United States had skate lace problems when her original laces broke during the 6-minute warm up. Her team did not have a proper spare lace for this kind of an emergency and ended up using whatever they could find, which apparently was not long enough for her to properly tie her skate properly. In order to avoid being disqualified for not getting into her starting position within the 2 minutes after they announced her name, she would rush out ill prepared and started her routine. She would bail out of the opening triple Lutz and then go to the referee to show the referee her problem. She would be allowed time to fix her lace problem. It seemed that Tonya expected only a small break to change her lace and then go back out to skate, but the announcer came on and announced that she would be allowed to reskate at the end of the group and immediately called out Josee Chouinard of Canada to skate.

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