Mario Party 9 - All Mini Games

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Mario Party 9 - Boss Rush - All Boss Battles (vs. Master CPU)

A playthrough of the Boss Rush Challenge in Mario Party 9. I am playing as Mario and this was played against Master level computer characters. Mario Party 9 Playlist: Mario Party 9 All Bosses and Time Stamps 01:05 - Lakitu Boss Fight (Sock it to Lakitu) 02:24 - Wiggler Boss Fight (Wiggler Bounce) 03:46 - Whomp Boss Fight (Whomp Stomp) 06:45 - King Bob-omb Boss Fight (Bobard King Bob-omb) 10:35 - Dry Bones Boss Fight (Deck Dry Bones) 12:35 - King Boo Boss Fight (King Boo's Puzzle Attack) 14:05 - Cheep Cheep Boss Fight (Cheep Cheep Shot) 15:55 - Blooper Boss Fight (Blooper Barrage) 17:25 - Spike Boss Fight (Spike Strike) 19:20 - Chain Chomp Boss Fight (Chain Chomp Romp) 22:10 - Bowser Jr. Boss Fight (Bowser Jr. Breakdown) 26:30 - Bowser Boss Fight (Bowser's Block Battle)

Mario Party 9 Step It Up - Mario vs Luigi vs Peach vs Toad

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Every single minigame in Mario Party 9 for the Wii.

00:00 Free-for-All Minigames

00:00 Buddy Bounce
00:49 Logger Heads
1:25 Pinball Fall
2:14 Launch Break
3:24 Goomba Village
4:41 Speeding Bullets
5:51 Pianta Pool
7:11 Chain Event
8:02 Skyjinks
9:03 Skipping Class
10:08 Mecha Choice
10:58 Jigsaw Jumble
12:01 Growing Up
13:28 Upward Mobility
14:20 Ring Leader
15:21 Smash Compactor
16:23 Peak Precision
17:03 10 to Win
19:07 Tuber Tag
19:36 Card Smarts
20:50 Toad and Go Seek
21:36 Polar Extreme
22:24 Goomba Bowling
24:01 Tumble Temple
24:39 Twist Ending
25:42 Manor of Escape
26:57 Player Conveyor
28:02 Ballistic Beach
29:10 Bumper Bubbles
30:31 Finger Painting
31:16 Bomb Barge
31:49 Don't Look
33:36 Snow Go
34:23 Piranha Patch
35:15 Plunder Ground
36:38 Pier Pressure
38:38 Billistics
39:07 Pit or Platter
39:54 Thwomper Room
40:30 Urn It
41:45 Goomba Spotting
42:46 Magma Mayhem
43:17 Pizza Me, Mario
43:59 Fungi Frenzy

45:06 1-vs-Rival Minigames

45:06 Ruins Rumble
45:48 Hazard Hold
46:28 Line in the Sand
47:08 Block and Roll
48:24 Tackle Takedown
48:50 Weird Wheels
49:29 Spike-n-Span
50:01 Hole Hogs
50:55 Pix Fix
51:33 Mob Sleds

52:21 Bowser Jr. Minigames

52:21 Mecha March
53:08 Bowser Pop
53:55 Double Pounder
54:33 Zoom Room
55:14 Cage Match
55:46 Crossfire Caverns
56:28 Bumper Sparks
56:59 Sand Trap
57:47 Pair of Aces
58:33 Pedal to the Paddle

59:18 Boss Minigames

59:18 Sock it to Lakitu
1:00:29 Wiggler Bounce
1:01:54 Whomp Stomp
1:04:23 Bombard King Bob-omb
1:06:40 Deck Dry Bones
1:08:47 King Boo's Puzzle Attack
1:10:12 Cheep Cheep Shot
1:11:53 Blooper Barrage
1:13:42 Spike Strike
1:15:20 Chain Chomp Romp
1:18:03 Bowser Jr. Breakdown
1:21:30 Bowser's Block Battle
1:25:37 Diddy's Banana Blast
1:26:31 DK's Banana Bonus
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