Yonex VCORE Tour G 330g (Stanislas Wawrinka) Racquet Review

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Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (330g) Racquet Review

http://bit.ly/DuelG330 Developed with input from Stanislas Wawrinka, the VCORE Duel G 97 (330) is a very solid player's racquet. Like its predecessor (the Tour G 330), this stick is perfect for experienced ball strikers who want the rock solid stability and ball crushing plow-through of a traditional player's racquet. This model also features Yonex's new Tough G Fiber, a uniquely resilient material added to the frame's midsection to help the racquet return more energy to ball. Other updates include Yonex's new Lock Booster System - a technology that features tighter spacing between the upper cross strings as well as ridges in the grommet channels to minimize string movement. The result is greater control (and confidence) when attacking the ball. From the baseline the Duel G 330 does not get pushed around. Big hitters who can deploy this racquet's mass will be able to drive the ball powerfully and accurately through the court. Thanks to Yonex’s time-tested Isometric head shape, this racquet’s compact 97in² head feels generous without sacrificing an ounce of precision. At net this stick plays fast for the weight, and there's easy depth to be had on block volleys. Finally, the Duel G 330 remains wonderfully steady when redirecting the pace of big serves. With this update, Yonex has delivered a formidable weapon to advanced players and strong intermediates. With its stable feel, easy targeting and ball-crushing momentum, the VCORE Duel G 97 is a very solid player's racquet.

Head Graphene Speed Pro (Novak Djokovic) Racquet Review

http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Head_YOUTEK_Graphene_Speed_Pro/descpageRCHEAD-HGSPRO.html Novak Djokovic's racquet of choice, the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro replaces the IG Speed 18x20. Like its predecessor, this one has a tight 18x20 string pattern which supplies maximum directional control on every stroke. From the baseline the Graphene Speed Pro is perfect for aggressive play. The biggest swings exit the stringbed with remarkable precision. Players with flatter strokes will enjoy how easily they can impose their will with pace and placement. Despite the tight pattern, spin artists will be more than satisfied. Thanks to the low-powered precision of the stringbed, the player can easily reach the swing speed needed for heavy spin. With its maneuverable feel, we have found this to be a very spin-friendly racquet thanks to the easy access to high swing speeds. The directional control is a huge asset when attacking the net where strong intermediate and advanced players will appreciate the blend of maneuverability, stability and control. Ease of placement on serves leads to aggressive targeting. Powerful swings are rewarded with heavy action on slices and kickers. This is also a great weapon for the player who likes to crank flat bombs on serve. All in all, this is a must demo for aggressive players or consistent grinders looking for exceptional responsiveness and world-class control.

Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 Racquet Review

http://bit.ly/PurStrike16x19 Ideal for intermediate and advanced players, the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 offers a great balance between speed and stability. At just over 11 ounces and boasting a swingweight of 320 (RDC), this modern player's racquet not only has enough mobility for creating effective pace and spin, but it also feels quite solid for its sub 12 ounce weight. The stability comes in part from Babolat's new Stabilizer Technology which utilizes varying beam shapes and thicknesses to reduce torque on impact. From the baseline this stick is comfortably crisp and delivers enough pace and spin for those who like to dictate action. It's also solid enough for players who like to take the ball early and redirect incoming pace. At net, this one moves into position quickly and provides a comfortable platform for executing controlled volleys. On serves the speed, pop and precision are a lethal combination. All in all, the Pure Strike 16x19 looks like a great option for any player who wants a modern player's racquet that plays fast, feels solid and offers user-friendly performance from all areas of the court.

Federer/Wawrinka VS Benneteau/Gasquet Highlight (Davis Cup) 2014 F

Federer/Wawrinka VS Benneteau/Gasquet Highlight (Davis Cup) 2014 F By WulueTennis

Stan Da Man Wawrinka Training Court Level View HD

http://www.top-tennis-training.org/join Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland training in Monte Carlo, 2013, with Jo Wilfried Tsonga of France. Wawrinka (2014 Australian Open champion) and Tsonga were training at the ATP Masters Series 1000 event held in Monaco, April 2013.


Racquet of choice by Stanislas Wawrinka, the VCORE Tour G (330) has impressive stability, plow through and precision. Advanced players who swing big will be able to hit a heavy, spin loaded ball with this one. Even more impressive is this stick's accuracy on full swings, a fact that should enable aggressive ball strikers to step on the gas and close out points. While the overall feel is crisp, Yonex adds some arm-friendly flexibility to the shaft with its Neo CS Carbon Nanotube material. From the baseline plush and very stable against pace. Even the upper hoop feels solid thanks in part to the addition of Micro Core technology, which strengthens the racquet at 10 & 2 o'clock. Not only does the racquet have enough plow-through, pop and spin potential to satisfy the modern power player, it's also solid enough for the grinding counter puncher who likes to redeploy incoming pace with relentless consistency and placement. At net this one is rock solid and unfazed by pace. It has enough mass to keep defensive stabs deep, with plenty of "put-away power" for those who punch the ball with authority. Serving with this one is all about control. However, for those who can get the mass moving, there is definitely some heat to be had. All in all Yonex has produced another stick that will give 4.5+ players everything needed to play at a very high level.

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