1959 Baseball News Highlights

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Amazing Double Plays (MLB)

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"BASEBALL" 5th. Inning/Thursday Sept. 22nd., 1994

Description: "Shadow Ball". My San Francisco copy was not very good and was not o-a. So I luckily got another copy from someone in Vermont. It is ORIGINAL air from Vermont PBS and has an interview with Buck O'neil after the 5th. inning presentation; also a mini Documentary on the "Making of Baseball" with Ken Burns et al. at end. A lot of good stuff with this inning. Almost 3hrs. so enjoy. Try to get 6th inning out in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

1976 World Series, Game 4: Reds @ Yankees

Cincinnati Reds 7 at New York Yankees 2, F -- On the heels of the high from Chris Chambliss' Royals-crushing home run in the ALCS to put the Yankees into the World Series, the Yanks crashed right into the steamrolling juggernaut that was the "Big Red Machine" from Cincinnati. With a lineup that boasted George Foster, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez and Ken Griffey, the Reds only allowed the Yankees the lead once in the Series, for the first three innings of this Game 4. Johnny Bench homered twice to drive in four runs, adding to his Series-leading totals and earning him World Series MVP honors.

Review Of The Year (1938)

Item title reads - Pathe Gazette presents the review of the year. M/S of explosion. L/S of smoke rising from village, L/S of Japanese planes over Hankow in China during Sino-Japanese war. L/S as smoke rises. L/S of collapsed building in Spain during civil war. M/S of people in the streets. M/S of women despairing. M/S of ice over Niagara rapids, various shots of ice on the bridge. M/S of official stood on steps of Egyptian palace, M/S of car, M/S as King Farouk's bride Farida gets out. M/S of the couple stood together with dignitaries looking on and a bridesmaid holding her train. L/S of Princess Juliana's baby, Princess Beatrix, being christened at the Hague in Holland. M/S as she carries her past the dignitaries. M/S of the royal family looking out of the window to cheers from the crowd. M/S of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) walking along and meeting officials at Empire exhibition (?). Various shots of mayo aeroplane, two machines together until they part in mid-air. M/S of Austrian officials taking down the barrier between Austria and Germany and smiling as they carry it away. M/S of German troops marching in as Austria becomes part of the German Reich. Various shots of the Grand National horse race. M/S as 'Battleship' comes in to win. L/S of people surrounding the horse afterwards. M/S of 'Battleship' and his 17 year old jockey. M/S of the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, the two teams are close together. L/S of crowds watching. M/S as Oxford come in to win, L/S of the two teams. M/S of St. Margaret's church. M/S of bride, Anne Bowes-Lyon, niece of Queen Elizabeth, and her new husband Viscount Anson, they walk along followed by their bridesmaids. M/S of crowds watching them. M/S of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) with Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret, the bridesmaids curtsey as they pass. Good M/S of Queen Elizabeth talking to one girl. M/S of the F.A. Cup Final between Huddersfield Town and Preston North End. Mutch is lying on the ground after a foul. M/S as he takes penalty kick and scores, his team-mates rush up to congratulate him. L/S of crowds in the stands. M/S of Preston North End captain Tom Smith collecting Cup from King George VI. L/S of crowds waving madly at Ibrox Park in Glasgow at the opening of the Empire Exhibition. The King and Queen step down from carriage and meet officials. People wave. The King speaks declaring the exhibition open, M/S of him on platform. M/S as they drive away. Aerial L/S of the site, M/S as they draw up at one of the buildings. M/S of Adolf Hitler stepping off the train in Rome, saluting and greeting officials. Various shots of barrage balloons in the air. M/S of runners' board at Derby. M/S of Pathe's huge long lens camera. C/U of King George VI looking through binoculars. C/U's of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. M/S of the race, the horse 'Bois Roussel' gallops into the lead and wins. M/S of an aeroplane in the sky. M/S of King George VI in naval uniform looking through binoculars. Various shots as guns are fired in battleships. M/S as he salutes and walks down the steps. M/S of Donald Budge walking up to the net and shaking hands with Austen after having won Wimbledon, M/S of the two men together. L/S of Helen Jacobs and Helen Wills-Moody playing a match, the crowds watch. M/S as Helen Wills-Moody wins and approaches the net to shake hands. M/S of the two players together. M/S of racing car crashing into crowd of people who are flung about like dummies, 10 are seriously injured. Various shots of Douglas Corrigan and his aeroplane after he flew the Atlantic by mistake. M/S of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth meeting French President Albert Lebrun. L/S of the state banquet. Various shots of King and Queen watching outdoor ballet in Paris. L/S of boat bringing King to see boys at his camp where public schoolboys mix with others from industrial areas. M/S as he walks along with them. Various shots of 5th test at the Oval and crowds applauding. Don Bradman congratulates Len Hutton on his record score. Various shots of George Eastham in his record breaking car. C/U of him after breaking the speed record. M/S map of Europe showing the borders. M/S of Neville Chamberlain meeting Adolf Hitler at Berchtesgaden, they walk up steps together, C/U of German soldier on guard. M/S of car drawing up at Godesburg, they get out and Hitler introduces Chamberlain to officials before they enter. Various shots of people digging air raid shelters and queuing up for gas masks. M/S of people queuing to join up. M/S of Chamberlain leaving for Munich. M/S as they enter the building there. Various shots of the fo FILM ID:993.08

1985 - Mickey Mantle

Late Night with David Letterman

Chronological highlights of the 1959 major league baseball season.

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