Dos Equis Beer Review -- Cerveza -- AJR Sober Up Acoustic Cover - Bloopers

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Beer Me Episode 63 - Dos Equis

Welcome to Beer Me! Each week, we sit down with a six pack of beer and a pocket full of dreams. Over the course of an hour, we score the beer in five different categories: Artwork, Taste, Smoothness, Downability, and Reliability. While not that perfect, or all that trustworthy, it's at least a little entertaining. We hope you like it. Cheers!!

Rivers Cuomo - Sober Up (AJR cover) – Live in San Francisco

Rivers Cuomo - Sober Up (AJR cover) – San Francisco, Live, 5-9-18, 1st row, Bottom of the Hill. Rivers: Here's a weird fu*king song, I don't think I've ever played this one. Crystal Light is my Jam! lol Other Tidbits: An evening with Rivers Cuomo. Karl leaked it to the fans that there was a special guest planned, and it turned out to be Jason Cropper, Weezer's original guitarist! After the show, Rivers talked with some of the fans and took pictures, which was nice. Rivers: Could you turn up my monitors, please? The crowd is singing very loud… so it’s… hard to hear this lol You guys nailed the solo! (to ‘Say It Ain't So’) Tomorrow is May 10th… the date The Blue Album came out. Rivers (before ‘Basket Case’): I went to see Billie Joe's new band the other night (The Longshot). They were supposed to play tonight, right down the road, but they cancelled… So I guess I feel kind of silly for learning one of their songs... lol Rivers: Should we talk a bit or keep going? I’m not good at reading the crowd… :P Fan: What’s Suzanne’s brownie recipe? (referencing the lyrics to Weezer’s song ‘Suzanne’) Rivers: Suzanne? Oh, jeez… Suzanne was a secretary of our A&R guy at Geffen Records. And she made us brownies… And they were just regular brownies… they weren’t… maybe she made special brownies for one of the other bands at Geffen Records… Not for Weezer! lol Fan: Who’s the special guest tonight? Rivers: Who told you that? Fan: Karl did. Rivers: He did? Fu*ker! You guys got to be patient… lol There shall be a special guest tonight… if you all behave. :P Fan: Is it Billie Joe? Rivers: No, it's not Billie Joe... But if anyone knows him, call him up and bring him down! Setlist: 1. I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Mike Posner cover) 2. El Scorcho (Weezer song) 3. Wonderwall (Oasis cover) 4. Buddy Holly (Weezer song) 5. Basket Case (Green Day cover) 6. Undone - The Sweater Song (Weezer song) 7. 1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins cover) 8. Say It Ain't So (Weezer song) 9. Happy Together (The Turtles cover) (with "Longview" snippet by Green Day) 10. Island in the Sun (Weezer song) 11. Can't Fight This Feeling (REO Speedwagon cover) 12. Sober Up (AJR cover) 13. The Good Life (Weezer song) 14. Slob (Weezer song) 15. (Girl We Got a) Good Thing (Weezer song) 16. Pink Triangle (Weezer song) 17. Cardigan Disaster (New song) (Live debut) 18. Getchoo (Weezer song) 19. Pig (Weezer song) (Live debut) 20. Talk Dirty to Me (Poison cover) 21. No Other One (Weezer song) 22. Falling for You (Weezer song) 23. Today (The Smashing Pumpkins cover) 24. In the Garage (Weezer song) (with Jason Cropper) 25. No One Else (Weezer song) (with Jason Cropper) 26. Why Bother? (Weezer song) 27. Across the Sea (Weezer song) 28. Tired of Sex (Weezer song) An Evening with Rivers Cuomo – San Francisco, 5-9-18

Ska Brewing Co True Blonde Ale Beer Review - Guitar Cover - Simple - Florida Georgia Line

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X (EQUIS) - NICKY JAM & J. BALVIN - Flamenco Covers By Paquillo Garcia

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Dos Equis Amber Lager Review


Dos Equis Beer Review -- Cerveza -- AJR Sober Up Acoustic Cover - Bloopers

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