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Where Giants Come To Play - 1965 San Francisco Giants Highlights Film IMPROVED

Improved audio synch

1958 MLB All-Star Game Highlights

Highlights of the 1958 baseball all-star game played at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

Panama Dance Challenge - Funniest Asian Dance Trends 2017 สาวๆเต้นปานามาสไตล์ที่กำลังฮิต

Panama Dance Challenge Compilation on Salsa Sauce. This is very funny! If you enjoy kpopcoverdance please leae like and subscribe - ► Follow us on Twitter - ► Follow us on FB - Best videos: ♫ Best Gymnastics Compilation ♫ Most Beautiful Couple on - ♫ New Kiss Compilation 2017 - Download the app #musically #musicallyapp #muser Share this video with your friends and make it viral!

Detroit Tigers at Milwaukee Brewers, April 23, 1989 pt 1

Featuring the Tigers' TV network broadcasting duo of George Kell and Al Kaline, whom Tigers' fans were so fortunate to have for about 20 years. Other play-by-play men have their gimmicks and statistics, and some talk more and louder. But a generation of Detroiters and Michiganders learned about the inside game of baseball just by spending a Sunday afternoon with this understated pair of Hall of Famers. We miss them. What's nice about this broadcast is that it is just a game on a chilly day in the early season. No special importance. Nothing riding especially on this game. The players and the broadcasters were just doing their jobs. Notice no speed gun readouts, no pitch counts, no splashy graphics, not even an on-screen "bug" with the score. You get to see only the action and decide on your own without much statistical help if a pitcher, hitter, fielder, base runner, manager, or umpire is any good. Note also how into the game the fans are, even without loud, electronic prompting. There is a good chance that Bud Selig, who was president of the Brewers at the time, was at this game. Bud, what was so wrong with major league baseball as seen here that you had to screw it up so badly when you became Commissioner?

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