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Top 10 GAMECUBE Games - Good Morning Gamer

My favorite console: The GameCube. Subscribe! ► Can’t Stop Dodging! (SMASH BROS) ► Top 5 ZELDA Locations ► Top 5 MARIO Vistas ► Morning vs Nighttime Games ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Thanks for watching!

The Launch of the Nintendo 64 (1996)

Get your CGQ Shirt: Follow CGQ on Twitter: Check out our other channel: Check out Banjo Guy Ollie: Episode 46 - Although the history of 3D gaming stretches all the way back to the very early 1980's, outside of the arcades it didn't start in earnest until the early 90s. The 3DO Interactive Mulitplayer and Atari Jaguar both launched in 1993, Nintendo used the Super FX chip to create polygonal 3D games like Star Fox and Stunt Race FX on the Super Nintendo, while Sega used the SVP chip to create a home port of arcade hit Virtua Racing on the Genesis. In 1993, Nintendo partnered with Silicon Graphics to develop their next-generation hardware, while in 1995, the release of both the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation signaled the "real" beginning of home 3D gaming. After numerous delays, Nintendo finally joined the next generation of consoles, as the Nintendo 64 was launched in Japan and North America in mid 1996. Although many gamers who grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System had, by the mid 90's, moved on to more "grown-up" systems like the Playstation and Saturn, the Nintendo 64 was a big part of the 90's childhood, and made Nintendo fanatics out of a whole new generation of gamers. Show Notes: - This show took 9 months (on and off) to make. - All gameplay footage was captured using an RGB-modded Nintendo 64 upscaled through a Framemeister and recorded using an Elgato Game Capture HD. Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (­ncompetech) #CGQuarterly #LaunchVids #Nintendo64

Top 10 Nintendo 64 (N64) Hidden Gems

Finally...RelativelyRetroDon's Top Ten Hidden Gems on the N64! Shadows of the Empire Review - Aidyn Chronicles Review - Hybrid Heaven Review - Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram! Follow us on Twitter!

Top 10 Worst Things Link Has Ever Done

Top 10 of the most horrible things Link has ever done. If you like this video, check out THE TOP 10 WORST THINGS MARIO HAS EVER DONE - ►JOIN OUR DISCORD! - ►Support on Patreon for new videos first, be a guest on videos & more. or by donating here NEW SHIRTS, JACKETS & MORE MERCH NOW AVAILABLE ► Merch HERE - ►Sponsor - Support my channel and subscribe with my code JESSETBX during checkout at for a 10% discount off your entire order! Subscribe to GameOverJesse for more great videos! ► Top 5 Rare Cancelled and Unreleased Super Mario Games. We countdown the top 5 more cancelled Mario Games. 5. Super Mario + Rabbids Adventure on Wii U 4. Virtual Boy Mario Land on Virtual Boy 3. Virtual Boy Mario Kart on Virtual Boy 2. Super Mario 128 on GameCube Nintendo DS & Wii 1. Yoshi Racing on Nintendo 64 or Super Nintendo Honorable Mention is the complete truth and history of Super Mario World 2 The Lost Levels and the american Mario Madness. GameOverJesse - Yuriofwind - Daniel - Holly Wolf - Follow GameOverJesse! ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Discord: ► Patreon: ►GeekFuel $3.00 off - - New Channel - Subscribe Watch More GameOverJesse! Top 5 Cancelled Zelda & Mario Games ► Popular Zelda Theories ► Top 10 Best & Worst of Zelda Breath of the Wild ► Top 5 Rare & Obscure Cancelled Mario Games ► Top 10 Mind Blowing Gaming Mysteries ► - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - About GameOverJesse History of Cancelled Games, Gaming News, Top 10 Lists, Zelda Theories, Anime Theories, Podcast Discussions. Analysis Videos. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Comment your questions below to be featured on our next video! Zelda Informer chooses the best Zelda game ever. Daniel - Jesse - - - - MORE VIDEOS - - - ►Top 10 Best and Worst of Zelda Ocarina of Time - ►Watch New Videos First! - ►Zelda Breath of the Wild Discussions - ►Pokemon Nintendo Switch Discussions - ►Wind Waker HD vs 4K comparison ►Super Mario Sunshine vs 4K Comparison - ►Metroid Prime vs HD 4K comparison - ►Zelda Skyward Sword vs HD 4K comparison - List of Zelda Theories! - ►Tragic Fate of the Sages - ►Groose's Curse - ►Volvagia's Origins - ►Happy Mask Salesman - ►Feirce Deity Mask & Majora's Mask - ►Creation of Hyrule ft YuriofWind - ►History of Dark Link - ►History of King of Hyrule - ►History of the Master Sword & Four Sword - ►Truth of Demise, Termina & Stone Tower Temple - Truth behind the Gerudo & Dark Interlopers ►Ganondorf's Curse -

Kingsley's Adventure - Nitro Rad

A tiny hero on a big quest. Kingsely's Adventure sure is cute, but does it hold a candle to the series its desperately trying to impress? SOCIAL MEDIA:

Nintendo 64!!

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