Babolat Pure Drive Racquet 2018 Review

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Babolat Pure Aero Racquet Review Babolat gives the legendary AeroPro Drive a big makeover, starting with the name. Endorsed by Rafael Nadal, this version is called the Pure Aero and it boasts a more aerodynamic beam along with a higher swingweight. The result is a racquet that trades a little bit of maneuverability for some ball crushing momentum and a welcomed boost in stability, plow-through and comfort. There’s also some serious power to be had for those who can swing this stick fast. Armed with FSI Spin Technology the Pure Aero features wider spacing between the crosses for increased ball bite (see big spin). Babolat has also enlarged some of the grommet holes, allowing the strings to absorb more vibration and snap the ball out of the stringbed with extra RPMs (see even bigger spin). Although this update has a speedy 11.3 ounce static weight, it swings a tad heavier than its predecessor from the backcourt. The added heft not only helps keep the racquet steadier through impact, it also produces a lethal combination of pace and spin on full swings. At net the Pure Aero feels solid, accurate and lively, and it has more than enough put-away power for ending points with authority. Babolat has made some impressive tweaks to one of the game’s iconic player’s racquets. The combination of spin and pop should prove very dangerous in the right hands. The extra plow-through and comfort is a very nice bonus.

Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (Project One7) Racquet Review With the Pure Strike 16x19 Babolat has once again created a modern player’s racquet with universal appeal - call it a softer, more controlled Pure Drive with outstanding feel, quick handling and impressive targeting. In addition to its square & elliptical Hybrid Frame Construction, this update comes with Babolat’s new FSI Power technology, which widens the spacing between the upper crosses for a juicer, more spin-friendly ride. In contrast to the 2014 version, Babolat has thickened the beam in parts of the shaft and head to enhance power and stability. On court these features amount to a comfortably firm response that is as lively as it is precise. From the baseline the Strike has the same easy acceleration and “out of the box” playability as the Pure Drive, but it feels a tad friendlier on the tendons. Spin comes easy, and big swings find their mark without much fuss. Although the widened beam and more open string spacing definitely provide extra pop over the previous generation, the power never feels overwhelming. At net the Strike 16x19 feels fast and accurate, with decent stability for a sub 12 ounce racquet. Touch artists should have enough feel to kill the pace and drop the ball maliciously short. As with the previous generation, this racquet’s combination of power, precision and spin should translate into some very aggressive serving. With this solid update to the Pure Stike 16x19 Babolat checks all the right boxes. A Must demo for any player who wants a zippy, great feeling player’s racquet with very user-friendly levels of power, control and spin.

BABOLAT Pure Drive 300 g Racquet Test

We tested the legendary Babolat Pure Drive 300 gram racquet ! Ideal for a large variety of players, this versatile racquet seduced our testers because of its' ability to generate power and topspin, but also because it offers a great deal of comfort ! Wallis (-2/6), Laurent (5/6), Massimo (30/1) and Jeremy (15/4) completed the same exercises with their own racquets and the Babolat Pure Drive 300 gram racquet at the Tennispro Test Center, which is equipped with the Playsight system. The 5 cameras on the court allowed us to compare their performances and statistics. The result ? The Babolat Pure Drive racquets are powerful and perfectly adapted for players who like to dictate the game from the back of the court.

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express Fans of Babolat have been waiting for this frame for quite a while, and the 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet will not dissappoint those hungry to try out their newest tweener racquet! With a redesigned paintjob and more minimalistic aesthetic, you can let your play do the talking for you while you are on the court. Moving with this minimalism, the popular Cortex system is built into the racquet. Now called Cortex Pure Feel, this technology will allow you to get better control on each hit through naturally enhanced feel. Much like the 2015 iteration of this racquet, it features Woofer Technology, designed to bring the user optimum control and sensation with every strike of the ball. Don't shy away from hitting with pace because the anti-twisting elliptical frame optimizes the power of the racquet itself. This racquet line has been very popular with tennis players since its birth, and the newest model is sure to continue the trend of excellence that Babolat is known for. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with exclusive deals and current specials: Connect with us on: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►Facebook: ►YouTube: ►Snapchat: ►Blog: ►Pinterest:

Babolat Pure Drive Tour Racquet Review For 2018, Babolat updates the Pure Drive Tour with bigger spin and better feel. As with the original Pure Drive Roddick, this stick is designed to offer the power, spin and precision of the standard Pure Drive but with a little extra heft and plow through. For this update, Babolat retools the stringbed with FSI Power Technology, which includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing. The payoff is easier depth thanks to a higher launch angle off the stringbed. Babolat also updates its Cortex dampening system with a viscoelastic rubber used in the space industry. The upshot is better dampening and more comfort, which helps mitigate the vibration and shock of this racquet's admittedly stiff flex. From the baseline, the Pure Drive Tour feels fast and explosive for its 11.7 ounce weight. As a result it moves seamlessly from trading heavy balls to cranking winners from a dead sprint. As we found with the standard Pure Drive, this racquet's newly widened string pattern offers very easy access to spin. The higher launch angle will not only make it easier for you to keep the ball deep, but it will also enable you to hit high arching balls that drop hard and hop powerfully out of your opponent's hitting zone. At net the Pure Drive Tour feels fast, solid and lively. Block volleys come off with good pace and depth, and there is enough pop for closing out points with a bang. Aggressive servers will find a juicy combination of power and spin (think easy points). With some impressive updates to the feel and power, the Pure Drive Tour continues to be a great option for intermediate and advanced players looking for juicy levels of power and spin.
With its "best of class" combination of speed, power and spin, the Pure Drive is one of the most popular and versatile racquets ever made. Although it is weighted for intermediate players (11.2 ounces), this racquet's outstanding playability and ease of use lend it an appeal that cuts across ability levels and stroke styles. For the 2017 version of the Pure Drive, Babolat retools the string bed with FSI Power Technology, which includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing. The result is a noticeable boost in power and spin potential. Babolat also updates its Cortex dampening system with a viscoelastic rubber used in the space industry. The upshot is better dampening, more comfort and a decidedly more muted feel than past versions of the Pure Drive. On groundstrokes this version of the Pure Drive offers the same explosive speed we've come to expect from this iconic racquet. Aggressive players who like to scramble and crank winners on the run should love this stick. The wider string spacing not only provides big spin potential, but it sends the ball on a higher trajectory, resulting in both easier depth and a heavier ball. At net the Pure Drive checks all the right boxes. It offers quick handling and big put-away power, but it also feels quite solid for its weight class. Aggressive servers will find enough power and spin to force weak replies. Babolat has made some impressive changes to the Pure Drive. Although some players may have to adjust to the slightly more muted feel, there will also be a lot of players who cannot resist this racquet's heavy ball potential.

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