Bauer Supreme S190 Skate Review

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Limited Edition Bauer Supreme 1S Skate Review

Available at IW Hockey reviews the Bauer Supreme 1S LE Hockey Skates. The Limited Edition Bauer Supreme 1S Skates features all of the same specs as the standard 1S, but this LE version features a blacked out quarter package, liner, tongue and skate laces. New to the 1S is the C-Flex tendon guard that took years to perfect. It has removable inserts that attach in back that allow players to customize the amount of resistance it offers, which can also be fully removed for one of the of the best range of motion on the market.

New Skate Prep: Why you Should Bake New Skates

It's common for hockey players to get pain in their feet after buying new hockey skates. Bauer sent me a brand new pair so I thought I'd do a series of videos on how to get new skates fitting properly and eliminate as much pain as possible. In this video I visit a local hockey shop and talk to Glen Sharpley who has fitted and sharpened thousands of pairs of skates. In the next video we will talk about foot beds and in the last video we will cover profiling hockey skates. Want to improve your hockey skills? We have videos for that! LEARN TO SHOOT - 5 video series: LEARN TO ICE SKATE: 11 videos STICKHANDLING GUIDE: SHOOTING APP: DEFENSE 101: JOIN ME ONLINE Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a video Get hockey training aids at HockeyShot: More Hockey Training:

Bauer Supreme S180 Skate Review

Available at IW Hockey reviews the Bauer Supreme S180 Ice Hockey Skates. The Bauer Supreme S180 Ice Hockey Skate delivers elite-level performance without breaking the bank. The S180 debuts the featherlight Curv Composite quarter package, also found on the 1S, which provides elite-level stiffness and responsiveness. The quarter was designed to be as anatomically correct as possible, meaning it hugs the foot like a glove even before they are heat molded. New for this price point is the Hydra Max Mesh Liner and the Flexible Tendon Guard that was premiered on the previous top-of-the-line model, the MX3. The Hydra Max Liner does a great job of wicking away moisture to keep sweaty feet planted inside of the boot. Unlike traditional stiff tendon guards, the S180's Flexible Tendon Guard helps players squeeze out every ounce of power by allowing complete range of motion. The Bauer S180 skate comes with a pro-styled, three-piece white felt tongue. The 48 oz / 30 oz hybrid felt design helps to further lighten the skate while the thick, high-density foam lace-bite guard ensure premium comfort and protection.

Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Skate vs MX3 Skates Review

Get your hockey skates - What has Bauer changed in the new Supreme 1S when we compare them to the previous MX3? Let's find out together in this detailed review. Hockeytutorial custom jerseys - Buy your Supreme 1S - Stay connected! Snap Chat: Hockeytutorial Website -

Bauer Supreme 1S Skate On-Ice Review

The boys from IW Hockey review the Bauer 1S Skates available at Bauer Supreme 1S Skates showcases Bauer's best and highest performing technologies and materials. After many years of research and design, the 1S features new C-Flex Technology in the tendon guard that provides some of the best range of motion on market, which also can be customized to a player's personal preference.

Available at
IW Hockey reviews the Bauer Supreme S190 Ice Hockey Skate.

The Bauer Supreme S190 Ice Hockey Skate is your most traditionally built, pro-level skate in the new Supreme Line. The S190 features Bauer's premier Titanium Curv Composite boot, a full composite outsole, a pro-spec'd tongue and Bauer's pro-preferred LS3 Steel.

Besides the obvious lightweight and stiff benefits the composite boot offers, it also has an anatomically-correct fit right out of the box. To take it to the next level, the Curv material responds extremely well to heat molding, giving players a true customized fit. For even more comfort, Bauer gave the S190 the same liner that the previous MX3 skate had, called the Thermo Max 2. This liner does an excellent job of wicking away moisture, making sure feet stay planted throughout the game. The top of both sides of the quarter package come with Total Comfort Pads that alleviate high-ankle abrasions while the internal wear pads help to extend the life of the skate.

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