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PABLO MVP! - Backyard Baseball (Part 1) | Humongous Entertainment

Backyard Baseball (Humongous Entertainment - Creators of Putt Putt) gameplay/let'splay for PC/Steam! Subscribe to see every PB&Jeff video! ► PeanutButterGamer & SpaceHamster let's play Backyard Baseball for PC/Steam! - Part 1 Check out our other gaming / video game channels and social stuff! PBG: → → → → Twitch Streams ► Jeff: → → → → Twitch Streams ► Edited by Jack! (Superplaid64) → Into art by Dan Jones! → Music by Zurachi! → PB&Jeff Cartoon assets by Miski! →

Sunburned Albino Roast of

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Sunburned Albino Plays Cuphead - EP 1

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The Difference Between Me and My Opponents in Overwatch

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Backyard Baseball 2001 Gameplay

All illegal download requests and/or links will be removed on the spot, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero tolerance for such comments. My main account: A single game of Backyard Baseball 2001. I went for the home team this time, so that meant no bottom of the sixth, thus making this a little shorter than my gameplay for the original game. I used to like the original Backyard Baseball more, but now that I play this again, I take that back. I still dislike the pros, but this game improved in way more areas besides just acquiring the MLB license (whether that's an improvement or not is up to you). First off, Season Play is WAY more tolerable in this game than it is in the original. Season Play in the original had you playing on the exact same field for the entire 14-game season, with the same generic kids on every team. Here, you now have home fields for every team, and there are Backyard Kids for some of the positions. It's a lot nicer that way and makes it less repetitive. Another minor thing they improved on was fouling - in the original, as long as a foul didn't go behind the player, we had to waste time going to the field view and wait for it to bounce, even if it was obvious no one was catching it. Here, it almost never goes into the field view for fouls, and that's a lot nicer. We can also choose a custom player in this game, and teams are now two-color instead of one. Overall, this game is a lot more enjoyable than the original, and it ended up being a lot better than I remembered. I was pleasantly surprised when I played this game again after so many years, and if you ever see a comment of mine that says the original was better, know that I now take that back.

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