Elite: Dangerous Beyond 3.1 - New Guardian Plasma Charger - Thargoid Solo Kill

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Elite Dangerous - Krait vs Thargoid

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Elite Dangerous - AX Krait Class 3 Shard Cannons vs Cyclops

Picked up a Krait, engineered it a bit, and added a pair of the new large shard cannons to see how they fared against a cyclops - of course I kept a pair of gauss cannons loaded just in case. Up close, they are excellent for ripping the thargoid hull to shreds and exerting hearts, unfortunately up close is not really where you usually want to be - but they are very useful nevertheless with some advantages in a wing situation. If I could take 5 experimental weapons the 5th would be the shard cannon. I do genuinely love these weapons... 00:36 - First heart destroyed (with freakin' shards!) 02:43 - Hit by lightning attack 02:52 - Second heart destroyed (with gauss) 04:45 - Third heart destroyed (with gauss) 06:45 - Final heart destroyed (with gauss) 08:20 - Killing blows (with shards) Build: https://inara.cz/cmdr-fleet/102449/550224/ (note, this is my current build and does not necessarily illustrate what was used in this video) Disclaimer: I've spent a lot of time xeno-hunting in a cutter, so my aim with this twitchy beast is a little off.

From Sidewinder to Anaconda in less than 14 hours | Elite dangerous

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Tutorial: Neutron Star Jumps & the Neutron Superhighway

In this tutorial we'll learn how to do a booster neutron jump, quadrupling your jump range and the neutron superhighway to help you plot long distance trips through all known neutron stars. Huge thanks to Gareth Harper for creating the wonder Neutron Router https://www.spansh.co.uk/plotter

Permaboost might kill the Chieftain

I investigate the effect of boosting on ship balance in combat UPDATE: Seeing the Chieftain's stats, it seems to have almost the same flight model as the FAS. It should benefit from permaboost in a similar fashion

Killing a Thargoid (Cyclops Variant) with a 3C Guardian Plasma Charger only setup (sledgehammer approach) in my Anaconda ;)

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