Elite: Dangerous Beyond 3.1 - New Guardian Plasma Charger - Thargoid Solo Kill

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Elite Dangerous - Krait vs Thargoid

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Elite Dangerous. Medusa solo kill (Cutter).

CMDR Zejch.

Guardian Gauss Cannon and Plasma Charger Demonstration

The playing field has never been so level...

Random Player Tries to Destroy My Ship While I'm in an SRV

In Elite Dangerous, I'm out in my SRV and get back to find a random player shooting at my parked ship with a PvP-equipped Federal Gunship!

Imperial Eagle Cyclops Solo (15% damage bonus on Gauss Cannon)

It's doable, having a small ship is no excuse to not be involved in defending humanity against hostile xeno. Join the fight today: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/390599-Anti-Xeno-Combat-Initiative-and-Ship-Outfit-Suggestions-for-All

Killing a Thargoid (Cyclops Variant) with a 3C Guardian Plasma Charger only setup (sledgehammer approach) in my Anaconda ;)

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