Ray DeMarini - Hit Like a Softball God Part 1

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USSSA Men's Major World Series - Championship - Resmondo vs Smash It Sports

For more information on the Worlds Largest Multi-sport organization log onto USSSA.com

Point of Contact..Silent Killer of a Great Swing. Swing Makeover #79

A super common flaw...`Often a swing looks good, but the point of contact too far ahead, can leave the hitter confused and chasing mechanics vs. just waiting for the pitch to arrive. Bret outlines and offers techniques and training to fix.

Softball Hitting: Correcting a Downswing brings BIG results Swing Makeover: episode 26

We feature 6 large hitters from rec to pro level and we show that no matter how much power you have, if you are swinging down and cleaving the ball, the results will be poor. Top pros use a level to slight upswing, to better match the path of the pitch, to enhance swing rotation and to maximize power and consistency. DIsco swinging Bear for DeMarini.

Softball 360 - Bombers Seattle - EP 908 - Act 4

The Long Haul Bombers have brought their home run derby storm to Seattle's Safeco Field. The undefeated Teams Miken and Easton are battling each other for the first time this season. Who will come out on top, and keep the zero in the loss column?

Softball Hitting Tips. Hit 50 Feet Further by Snapping the Hips n Wrists in Sync.SM10

We show how the great hitters increase distance and exit speed by snapping the wrists with the hips in unison. 4 great techniques on how to quickly learn and implement this in my swing.

Excerpt from instructional video "Hit Like A Softball God".

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