Hockey Stick Size & Flex

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How To Stickhandle - the PROPER way!

Stickhandling Guide - Join us on Facebook - SUBSCRIBE TO for more great hockey tips Get the toys here - A lot of hockey players think they know how to stickhandle, they move the puck from side to side in front of their body while they skate down the ice. This is not the proper way to stickhandle! The key to stickhandling properly is to be able to control the puck around your entire body. You should be able to move the hockey puck anywhere you can reach with your hockey stick. This video shows proper puck control, and a few drills you can do to imrpove your puck control. HOCKEY WEBSITES: How To Hockey - New To Hockey - HockeyShot -

How to Select an Ice Hockey Skate

Each manufacturer is different, so make sure you know the difference when selecting the right skate for you. Available at:

How to Select the Right Hockey Blade Curve

Chase from IW Hockey explains the in's and out's of hockey blade curves. He reviews Hockey Blade Curve Types (heel, mid-heel, mid and toe curves), Blade Faces (open or closed), Toe-Types (round or square) and Blade Lengths (short, medium and long). Once you know which type of hockey blade curve fits your style best, use our Hockey Stick Finder for easy and quick browsing. LINK:

Taping the Blade of Your Stick

Taping the Blade of Your Stick There are many different ways to tape the blade of your hockey stick. Sean Walker's method is catered to trainer or coach to best protect the full blade since he's on the ice many hours each week. See how he tapes his stick in this full length hockey knowledge video. To access the FULL VIDEO and watch more videos become a member at Join our community of hockey athletes to inspire, educate, and achieve your goals together Subscribe: About iTrain Hockey: iTrain Hockey revolutionized online player development video tutorials with the introduction of Sean Walker's teachings in 2008. Today, iTH leads the world in hockey training with videos on player skills tutorials, individual and team practice plans, online remote video coaching, off-ice training and motivational videos to better the game for players of all ages and skill levels. iTrain Hockey provides a thorough teaching experience to empower hockey players with breakthrough correctional training in all skills including skating, shooting, passing, puck control, offensive + defensive tactics and so much more. iTH is dedicated to making the best videos on earth, and to making an impact on the development of the great game of hockey! To view our full video library become a member at Connect with iTrain Hockey + Sean Walker: Visit the iTrain Hockey WEBSITE: Like iTrain Hockey on FACEBOOK: Follow iTrain Hockey on TWITTER: Follow iTrain Hockey on INSTAGRAM:

Stick Length and Proper Positioning

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Tyson from Inline/Ice Warehouse talks about hockey stick length and flex you should know about before buying a stick.

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