How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai

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Wrapping Your Hand Instructions 101

Here's an easy way to wrap your hand before any bag class. Start on your left hand follow this video and then repeat on your right hand.

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How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer

Get Shane's Jump Rope for less than $4 (FREE SHIPPING): Jumping rope is a great warm-up exercise for any boxer, athlete, or just someone wanting to try a new workout! In this video, you will learn the basics on how to jump rope, how to find rhythm for skipping rope, and some jumping rope tricks you can learn and add to your routine. Be sure to do three 5-minute rounds of rope a day! GET MORE FIGHT TIPS► Skipping rope is a great boxing drill for improving agility and footwork, shoulder and forearm strength, and even cardio because it will make you sweat! Don't get frustrated if you can't find the correct rhythm when jumping rope right away, it will come through lots and lots of practice. Get your fightTIPS shirt► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

How to Wake up at 4:30 AM and be Excited - 4 Simple Steps to Wake up Early

Audible 30 day free trail: White noise machine: Wake up light alarm clock: Optimize Yourself Mentally - My Own Playlist: Website: Instagram: Primed I’ll tell you how I went from harassing the snooze button and rolling out of bed with 5 minutes to dress for work, to waking up at 4.30 am without attempting to hit the snooze button and being excited to do so. The ultimate wake up early motivation. First you need to know how much sleep you need to not feel like shit when you wake up, and know that you can actually get too much sleep and feel lazy for the rest of the day. The perfect amount of sleep is most often between 5-9 hours and I challenge you to set the alarm earlier than you normally would to sleep less than usual just to evaluate how you feel. Optimize your environment Eliminate sources of light and try to block it all out. Shove the tv out if you have one in your bedroom and instead pick up a book to read. Preferably fiction rather than business or self-help as that will trigger your brain and you’ll get all sorts of cool ideas that will hinder you from falling asleep. There are a lot of techniques you can use to fall asleep faster and wake up fresh, and I’ve made a video about 6 uncommon tips that will definitely speed this process up. But some more common things or tools you can use that will optimize your sleeping environment is white noise machines. It’s a tool that reduces the distracting effect of outsides noises for a more relaxing environment. It’s almost like a heavenly fan without the breeze, just the sound. And this might sound awful to you but it’s highly effective for falling asleep because you won’t notice those weird random noises that you otherwise would be convinced is the ring girl coming for you. Another tool to wake up fresh is to use wake up light alarm clocks. It will wake you up by first turning on the a light which will increase in brightness, and eventually go over to sounds. Some models have nature sounds and others just normal beeping sounds. It’s a pretty neat way to wake up and takes away that choking beep normal alarms give you. Don’t snooze Don’t snooze. Don’t ever hit that snooze button man, c'mon you know better than that. I don’t have to explain this much more but just knock fudge out of that alarm clock and let it know who’s the boss, then you want to count from 5 backwards to zero, like you’re taking of with a rocket. Once you reach 0 you’re up and away. It really is that simple and you’ll be up within 10 seconds of the alarm going off. Me personally, I just go full savage and place my alarm clock on the other side of the room or in the kitchen with full volume. Have a reason The number one thing for making this habit stick is that you should want to get up, just like you wanted to get up for christmas as a kid. You can’t convince yourself to wake up early just because, there has to be a reason for you waking up. One thing that get’s me to follow any habit is the checklist manifesto. It’s such a powerful way of getting things done and it’s so easy to implement. All you need to do is to simply create a list of things you want to do the night before you go to bed and put boxes beside every task. For instance my first five tasks is to make my bed, do 40 push ups, drink a full glass of water, have a shot of ACV and then take a walk while listening to an audiobook. These five tasks only takes me about 20-25 minutes to accomplish and after that I’ll make some coffee and then I’m fully awake and I go onto some more productive work such as working on these videos. And if you want to be almost as cool as me and listen to audiobooks, you can sign up through my audible link to their 30 day free trial and get 2 books for free. You can cancel the membership any time and still keep the books. Here is the link: And there you go, make sure to implement this tonight already, or since you probably watching this at 2:42 am, try this tomorrow. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Music: Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

30 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout

30 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout gives you a massive sweat, killer boxing combinations and will shred excess body weight. Get your gloves on, Push play and get to work. This workout includes: Boxing HIIT style set up and boxing Combinations Round timer and boxing bell Audio voiceover Killer leg training Combinations call outs IF you don't have a heavy bag you can shadow box instead. 30 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout Subscribe here; Shadow Boxing Boxing Blitz Boxconn

See my FULL GUIDE on How to Wrap Your Hands in boxing and Muay Thai:
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I have been training and fighting for nearly 10 years, and I wish I had taken better care of my hands. It is CRUCIAL that you wrap your hands before hitting a heavy bag, boxing focus mitts, and sparring. You want to make sure that your hand, knuckles, and wrist is fully protected.
This traditional Thai style wrap has added protection to the knuckles and wrist, the points that will undergo the most pressure when landing a punch. Watch this video and practice wrapping both hands multiple times before strapping on the leather gloves and starting round 1!

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